Don’t get attached to your ideas.

When you find out what is not working and you come up with an idea on how to fix, it’s very easy to become attached to the idea.

You do all you can to make it win, and when it’s not winning, you do even more.

You try tweaking things here and there. You feel that you know it has to work, you just need to figure out a few details and then it’s going to be perfect.

But sometimes, whatever you do with this particular idea just doesn’t work.

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Instead of becoming attached to the idea, become attached to solving the problem.

If your solution doesn’t work, drop it. Come up with another one, drastically different if need be.

Focus on the problem, not on being always right.

The sooner you stop reviving the dead horse, the more new things you’ll be able to try.

Do you know what’s one of the best predictors of a successful conversion optimization program? The number of tests you are able to run in a given time period.

…assuming, of course, that you follow the process of thorough research and not just coming up with “I think…” ideas.

So if your data says “No”, don’t despair. Kill your idea (it hurts, I know) and come up with a new one. The new data might be much more agreeing.