Nextommerce Roadmap

Full analytics assessment + a testing roadmap of up to 20 ideas to test

What it is

You will receive a prioritized list of up to 20 tests to run on your website. All test ideas based on data from your analytics, and on our 10-year experience in improving conversion rates for businesses.

If you are not yet ready for full, ongoing conversion optimization with Nextommerce Partnership, but you still want to start testing, Nextommerce Roadmap is for you.

What you will get

Full analytics assessment

You will get a full report on the hidden gems in the data you are already collecting. What seems like numbers and percentages is a story. An important story.
It tells you who your customers are, where they live (demographic data), what they do on your site (funnel behavior), how engaged (or not) they are on the site (time on site), what they like and dislike (time on pages, drop off pages), how many of them buy (conversion rates) and how they are different from those who didn’t buy (segementation), how they behave on desktop and mobile, which traffic sources perform well and which are a waste of time and effort.

All this in a clear report with very specific numbers and the story behind the numbers.

This will give you an answer to “what.” What is not working as it should? What can be improved?

Up to 20 test ideas (for up to 10 screens or funnel steps)

Once we know “what,” we’ll figure out “why.” Why is that specific step in the funnel underperforming? Why do people leave at a certain point? Why are visitors over 50 much more likely to buy than those under 30?

Based on our experience of working with multiple companies across multiple industries, we will come up with solutions on how you could fix the leaks identified in step one.

You will get up to 20 test ideas, for up to 10 pages or funnels steps, to implement and start testing. All test ideas based on what we know have worked. No “best practices” or “this should work.” If we haven’t tested it, we won’t suggest you run it.

Wireframes for two most important pages

You will get two full wireframes for the most critical pages. We will suggest you which ones are the most important, but we’ll first agree with you what you want the wireframes for.
You’ll get the full layout and copy for these pages. All that will be left is implement them on your site and run the tests.

60-minute prioritization and question-answering call

Live calls are usually for Partnership-level engagements but to make this as useful as possible for you, we will have a 1-hour “handover session,” where we will go through all the test ideas and review the priorities assigned to all the tests. We’ll explain the reasons behind each test so that you know precisely why you will be testing those specific elements or pages.
We’ll do the same for the two wireframes.
You will also be able to ask any questions about the test ideas, testing in general, or any issues or reservations you might be having. We’ll make sure you won’t have any doubts or unanswered questions.

Is this for you?

We don’t work with everyone. It may sound like a fake scarcity technique, but it’s not.

If we don’t think we can deliver outstanding results for you, or grow your revenue significantly, we will tell you so up front, so that we don’t waste your time and resources.

Does this sound like you?

a) You are doing well, but you know you could do better
b) You know conversion optimization is important, and you realize the value it could provide for your business
c) You either are already running some tests or want to start testing soon
d) You want to optimize your homepage, landing page, or even your whole funnel
e) You have the resources (design, development) to implement the tests so that you can start testing soon.

Is that you? Then Nextommerce Roadmap is the best first step for you.

Answer a few questions about your business to start the conversation. If we think we’re a good fit, within 24 hours we will get back to you with all the answers you might have, and a quote.

Ready to improve your conversion rates?

Are you ready to start testing and growing your revenue?
To leverage our expertise for your profit?
To improve your business and take it to the next level?
Let’s do it.